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Happen to be looking for new ideas to decorate your kid’s room? Give the room some longevity by choosing background elements that are long lasting. Then use accessories, bedding, and inexpensive area rugs to create easily changeable themes. Unlike the other rooms in your home, which mostly reflect your personality, decorating kids rooms requires a slightly different approach.

Whether you’re a first-time parent or a veteran, decorating kid’s rooms is not child’s play. It’s a quite complex process where an adult has to incorporate all the safety features and blend them with childlike fantasy.

The room should be an expression of the child’s identity, not yours. But children change, so you need to think ahead: will the design be easy to modify in five years, or even two? Is there room for storage, study, animal or doll collections, or a wrestling match?

First, consult with the child. Be certain to consider the child’s likes and dislikes when decorating their space. Decorating kids rooms is a work in progress – the planning begins before they are even born and goes on throughout their childhood.

You can be as creative and over the top as your child lets you; Vibrant and playful colors work well in any child’s room. Always paint children’s bedrooms with a semi-gloss, so the walls are easy to wipe without being too shiny. As for storage, check out your local do-it-your-self center for a host of affordable solutions.

As children grow, learn, play, and explore, their environment should respond. Kids will enjoy the exciting makeovers because they highlight their most adored interests at every age. As your child gets older, ask for their input.

Cheap Paint

Water color is one of the type of painting The only fundamental requirements for most juried shows are that the painting be done on paper, left unvarnished, and that the predominant medium be watercolor. Basically, almost anything goes when it comes to watercolor painting these days.
Watercolor painting book guides you step by step. If the artist wants to use collage elements, stamps, sand, plant material, fabric or other materials, this is permissible. Of course, basic aesthetic principles still apply. A poorly composed painting is not improved by adding mixed media elements, and poor color choices are still obvious and unappealing. There is no substitute for good technique!
However, there’s a lot more freedom these days for watercolor painter’s freedom to express themselves without getting bogged down with rules that may inhibit creativity.
Watercolor painting artists who create works in the various media encompassed by this broad classification. In this space, you can view works in acrylic, gouache, transparent watercolor, tempera, and various other water based paint. Information is presented which is designed to enlighten and aid the aqua media artist.

Watercolor painting book has got all the detailed information regarding all the technical points by step by step which will guide beginners as well as professional painters. Most of professional painters refer to watercolor painting book to improve and to be more creative in their work. You can also refer online sites to get more detailed information and even you can buy online hope this watercolor painting book techniques will helped. Happy Painting!

Anna Josephs is a freelance journalist having experience of many years writing articles and news releases on various topics such as pet health, automobile and social issues. She also has great interest in poetry and paintings, hence she likes to write on these subjects as well. Currently writing for this website Painting Book. For more details please contact at annajosephs@gmail. com

Bathroom Design

This bathroom planning guide aims at providing you with bathroom design ideas useful in planning a bath space, dressing area or cloakroom. You may be planning a revamp of your old bathroom or doing it from scratch, these are any basic points you may like to ponder upon. Let’s start with the basic questions,

i) What is the area of the bathroom?

ii) Who will use it? Children, guests, you, two people or the whole family?

iii) What are the fixtures you would like to install?

(Shower cubicle, jets, tub, vanity etc)

iv) Which parts of the bathroom you plan to revamp?

v) Is the lighting appropriate?

vi) What bathroom furniture you would like to buy?

vii) Does it require plumbing work?

Start with first things first. Measure up the bathroom area and make a rough sketch with the fixtures you have, you wish to change, and even fix in case it is a new bathroom. This will help you estimate the exact area you have around to play with. Next thing should fall in place with a realistic budget. Even if you are thinking of redoing the plumbing job, estimate the costs, for it might be expensive. Also with the budgets and fixtures you need in hand, it would be easy to dwell on ideas and new fittings. It could be a vanity, shower enclosure or a new tub; make sure you think of the space. It is important to move around too, and you don’t need to clutter your bathroom.

Modular bathrooms done in tiny space are in vogue. There are more people looking for smaller bathrooms fitted with modern amenities. Also with meticulous and creative thinking, you should be able to fit in the things you desire, say a shower cubicle, for instance.

You get corner shower cubicles that save space and if there’s space constraint, you could always use a separate overhead shower cubicle and use curtains to keep away the water splashing.

Tubs come in different shapes too and save your bathroom precious space. Get a deeper bathtub that saves space around the foot-end or baths where you sit straight, saving on the length. For bigger bathrooms, when you have good space on hand, you can play with the space with fewer constraints. Estimate the space, the gadgets and fixtures you plan to add. The saunas, shower cubicles and tubs are all possible, just work on it in a way that helps the space look open. Just let your creativity speak in your planning and design!

Bathroom fittings

To avoid any ghastly sites in the bathroom, you may need to pay attention to bathroom fittings. Detailed work and fittings like faucets and sinks can matter in fashioning your desired space,

• Faucets

Modern bathroom Faucet may sound like the simplest thing to choose, but pay attention to details like mounting (wall/sink) and material. If you already have a faucet, maybe you plan to change the mounting, which can cost much more as it may also requires plumbing work.

• Toilet Seats

Toilet seats come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on the available space, you can round up from a choice of elongated, rounded or corner seats. The elongated seat is great for comfort, but pay attention to details and dimensions. You don’t need your hands touching the ground when seated. Also, for smaller bathrooms, you can get one of those corner seats that save space.

• Sinks & Taps

Sinks come in sundry shapes, colors and sizes too. The designer variety includes wall-mounted, counter sinks in steel, glass, ceramic and a combination of accessories and colors to match. Taps are functional things and you would like to consider the water flow and temperature control system before you buy. There are designer taps you get that’s the perfect

combination of style and function.

• Contemporary bathroom furniture

Be it a bathroom or cloakroom, contemporary bathroom vanities deserve great scores on utility and function. Work on the storage room and sink shape and size very closely. You get sinks in all shapes and sizes for both big and small bathrooms and in materials from fancy wood to steel and glass, so find something that goes with your bathroom theme.

Cool Rooms

Outdoor rooms are all the fashion in areas where the climate can support the use of them. Florida is a great example of such an area. With an unrivaled climate and number of sunny days per year the outdoors is a perfect location to provide a functional room that will add thousands in value to your home. Plus it can take advantage of available space while creating a beautiful and useful room that is not hindered by walls and conventional restrictions.

There are some guidelines that you should follow while planning an outdoor room. You should set out the amount of space needed beforehand and make sure that you make contingency plans for any needs that may crop up along the way. The usual choice for an outdoor room is an additional kitchen/dining area. As kitchens are the most social room in a home, it makes good sense that this should be the outdoor gathering spot. Be sure to allow enough space for all the necessary amenities like a grill, sink, counter, and seating. Another thing that must be considered is the effects of the weather and nature. If the area is under direct sunlight all day long then a gazebo or pagoda will be necessary for the area to be comfortable. Also, netting might be a good idea if the area has a tendency to be frequented by insects.

There are many ways that you can personalize this type of space. The decoration of such an area will be quite different from traditional decorating due to the lack of walls and other normal “art spots. ” However, the effect can be easily achieved by the use of plants, creative seating and knick-knacks and decorations on the flat surfaces. Also take into account the effects of lighting for the evenings and try to create a special aura for the area. As an area where much of the year is spent outdoors, Florida homes are the idea location for these rooms. The addition of one will surely see a great ROI when them home sells.

Cheap Paint

Face painting is extremely popular with children of all ages. If you need to learn how to do face painting you will find it is quite easy to do, but ideally you should be reasonably good at drawing pictures.

The best way to learn how to do face painting is just to have a go. Obtain a book about how to do face painting from your local library and go out and purchase a few face paint packs, sponges and brushes. The books will tell you all you need to know on how to get you started. If you find yourself beginning to enjoy face painting, and let’s face it, it’s great fun for both you and the children, and you need to learn more, look out for your local adult education classes where more often than not a face painting course is included amongst any kind of theatrical or media make-up course and can further instruct you on how to do face painting .

Making Your Own Face Paint

You can make your own face paint by using the following easy ingredients.

1 tsp corn starch

1/2 tsp water

1/2 tsp cold cream

Food coloring

Mix together the starch and cold cream until well blended. Add water and stir, and finally add the food coloring.

Use a small paint brush to paint the designs onto the face. The paint is easily removed using soap and water and may be stored in an airtight container when not in use. It is advisable not to face paint people whoever have sensitive skin or any allergies to the above ingredients.

Mix different food colors to make your own special colors if possible. Never let paint get into the eyes and when you’re working near or around the eyes the person should close them when you paint above them and look up when you’re working below the eyes.

When Is It Not Safe To Face Paint Someone?

Face painting is fun and easy, but there are several occasions when you should not carry out face painting on an individual, these are:-

If the person is under three years old.

If the person has any food allergies or allergic reactions to soaps, skin creams.

If the person has any open cuts wounds or sores or spots on their face.

If they have any known infectious skin condition.

Face Painting is easy, fun and rewarding. In a few days, you could learn an art that could:-

Give you a unique skill and a way to express your creativity, even if you thought you never have a creative bone in your body.

Give you a talent that you can offer as a way to raise money for your favorite charities, schools or other organizations.

Also with additional training and experience you can provide a part time income to you and your family.

Cool Rooms

So many times when homes are for sale, people forget that any areas of the home need a little more attention than others. Think about it for a minute, what’s the room that gets cleaned the least in your home? Now, I’ll bet you did not answer; “the garage. ” Garages are an oft-overlooked area when preparing a home for sale. The garage has simply become the old catch-all area for accumulated junk and things that you just cannot bring yourself to throw away. You know what I’m referring to, clothes from 12 years ago, that collection of 1970’s disco 8-tracks, who knows, there might even be a car in there somewhere!

Garages can be a huge undertaking and an emotional one at that. In cleaning out a proper collection of “stuff” who knows what forgotten treasures you might run across? But remember, the idea here is to get rid of things that aren’t being used. The best idea is to set aside a whole day to dedicate to the cleaning of the garage. First things first, many things comes out. Everything. Sort many things into three piles, one goes to the garbage, one goes to goodwill or a similar organization that can use old clothes and such and the third pile is the keepers.

Once many things is out of the garage you can set about cleaning it. If this is the first time you have really cleaned it, this could take a while. This is a great time to practice your skills as a landlord and evict the countless creepy crawlies that have undoubtedly taken up residence in the rafters and dark corners and still have not paid their rent. Give the floor a good sweep and if necessary maybe pressure-wash anything that is holding a stain. at this point your cleaning of the garage could be done, or if you are a big thinker, there are any options such as garage organization systems that are tremendous for keeping things neat and orderly and add any value to a home as well. Usually these consist of a wall-mounted rack system and incorporated storage shelves and bins. Hopefully when this exercise is complete, you garage will be as attractive as the other rooms in your home and will be a good selling point when buyers come to have a look at your home.

Outdoor Living

Humans spend a lot of time indoors. We are the only mammals that eat, sleep and live indoors. We spend all day working inside skyscrapers, factories, malls and office buildings. We go to school indoors, entertain indoors and worship indoors. So when it’s time to play, take it outside!

Outdoor living is essential for your body, mind and soul. There is no shortage of outdoor activities, all year long, so everyone can get out for some fun and fresh air. It’s all about what you often do, and how you often have your fun on.


Try to imagine any sport that cannot be played outdoors. Football, soccer, swimming and baseball come to mind. Even racquet sports, basketball and volleyball are more fun outdoors where facilities permit. Fresh air and sunshine make the game more enjoyable and provide a natural energy boost that you need to play harder and better.

Kick Back

You don’t necessarily have to get physical to enjoy the great outdoors. Take a walk for a double-hit of exercise and beautiful scenery. Jump on a bike, grab a skateboard or strap on a pair of roller blades and cruise the outdoors at your own pace. When you really need to relax, hang a hammock in a shady nook and let the summer breezes rock you to sleep.

Get Wet

Indoor pools cannot hold a candle to taking a dip in a cool river, lake or stream. Swimming is synonymous with outdoor living in summertime. Swimming exercise virtually every muscle in your body, keeps you cool and gives you time to clear your head of all those indoor troubles. Try boating as a fun way to bond with your kids. Whether you paddle a canoe across a silent lake, or water ski behind a speedboat, outdoor living doesn’t get much more fun.

Everybody Out

Get the entire family involved in outdoor living. Experiencing and appreciating the beauty of nature is something that all of you can–and should–do on a regular basis. Take a walk after dinner, enjoy a family bike ride on Saturday morning, hike through the woods or call a neighbourhood touch football game for some impromptu fun. Our society, and our children in particular, lead sedentary lives that are choking us of fresh air. Get everybody out to add some exercise and activity to your regular routine.

Rainy Days

When it rains on your parade, soak it up and have some fun! When a warm summer rain starts to fall, pull on your duck boots, and splash in the biggest puddle you can find. Outdoor living reminds you how it feels to be free and just have fun. Those more reserved can idle on the front porch to breathe in the aroma of the rain on earth, and if you’re really lucky, can watch a spectacular summer storm roll in.

Humans are not conditioned to survive solely indoors. Like all creatures, we need fresh air and sunshine to thrive. Outdoor living is essential for a clear head, healthy body and happy heart. As always, mother knows best; so take her advice and go play outside!

Bathroom Design

Prolonged gazing into one’s bathroom mirror used to be considered quite a vice. For vanity, it is said, is the step-sister of pride. Also with nothing more to the bathrooms of yesteryear than a sink, toilet, and mirror, we were offered little choice about where our focus should fall once through the bathroom door. And while Narcissus brought his own demise through excessive “self-reflection,” we can probably be forgiven for rendering the bathroom mirror as our observation
point of choice.

The Afterthought

After all, the bathroom used to be the afterthought of home building and design. Bathroom design kept to the basics: A toilet, sink-cabinet combo, and perhaps some tile. Add some color matching, a couple of wall hangings, and of course, the mirror, and voila: your task was complete!

In hindsight, designing yesterday’s bathroom was really a simple and efficient process. In hindsight, creating such a bathroom was magnificently uninspiring, unimaginative, and dull.

Also with limited choices, and prohibitive pricing, vanities of distinction rarely entered the equation for a homeowner without a numeral at the end of their name. Even for those with limitless means, such a task mostly involved finding the right piece of furniture in the appropriate size before hiring a carpenter (to cut a hole into the top) and a plumber (to retrofit a sink and plumbing). It required resourcefulness, planning, lots of time, and even more cash.

The Fine Furniture Revolution

The rethinking of bathroom designs came with the increasing availability of reasonably-priced middle and high-end vanity sink chests. Also with foreign imports driving down the cost and increasing the availability of fine furniture for every room in the home, builders and consumers began to consider investing more design dollars in the room guests very mainly visit — the powder room. By choosing vanity styles to coincide with their home’s overall design genre, consumers have driven expansion in the vanity/sink chest market that produced a bevy of elegant and affordable products. Ball and Claw traditional vanities, French Provincial style sink chests, and hand-painted and hand-carved furniture sinks — the vanity market has truly embraced the realm of fine furniture. Never before have vanity choices been so plentiful or bathroom sink design concepts so broad. It’s not the usual sink and cabinet combo anymore; it is a whole new ball game.

A Statement Piece – A Statement Place

Forget about Narcissus, and make your vanity a virtue. Let your vanity make a statement about you. Keep the New Yorker and Reader’s Digest, for sure, but let your bathrooms tell more about you than just your literary preferences. Make a gorgeous vanity the focal point of your bath, and with a painted canvas work of art, some carefully contemplated accessories, and perhaps even a fabulous chandelier, allow the bathroom to complement your taste and your commitment to design throughout your home.

Don’t reflect too long before deciding it is time for a fabulous furniture vanity in your fine home. I promise you’ll love yourself for it!

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So, what’s your hobby? Do you like playing cards? Have you yet discovered the amazing world of online poker rooms? In truth, there is nothing more wonderful to card players than online poker. This has become a hobby to many poker players.

Online poker room gambling popularity emanates from the ease and convenience of this type of gambling. It is way much easier to gamble in an online casino than in an actual brick and mortar one. The gambling software creates an almost effortless game. You are assured that you will not even miss your turn. You would be prompted when you need to place a bet, even suggests the amount that you should bet. You would even be asked if you want to fold, which you could do so if you feel like your hand is not good enough. This is why a lot of people are getting addicted to online poker gambling.

The Benefits of Online Poker Gambling

Poker software are being constantly developed and improved to meet customers demand and satisfaction. You can choose your games and play only those that you love. You can play with a limit, no limit or within pot limit. If you are confident with your game, you can for high stakes. You can even switch from one game to another. It doesn’t even matter when you log on to play, there are games 24/7 and there are seats available.

What Should You Remember When Playing Poker Online?

The hitch on online gambling is that you cannot notice your opponents; such that it would be difficult to gauge their reactions. You will not be able to notice their body language. You will not notice them fidget, get excited or frown. This makes winning a little bit difficult. To ensure your chances of winning, there are any things that you’ve to remember when gambling and playing poker online.

1. Play free poker games first. Before jumping into a poker game, one should sit out a few hands to get a feel for the online poker room gambling site. You would also get used to the game. This is especially important since online poker is faster than your traditional poker game.

2. Start with low-staked gambling. Unless you are beautiful sure that you’d fare well in a high-staked poker game, don’t risk your money in one. Again, feel your way through online poker and online betting by starting with small bets.

3. Earmark your fund. Before you jump into a game or a tournament, determine first what you can afford to lose. If at any point in the game you lost that amount of money, don’t go any further.

Cool Rooms

The rise of the web has given people of all ages the abilities to communicate with friends and to make new friends in many easy ways. People can send emails, start a blog, or create a personal webpage to keep people connected to the happenings of their life. Chat rooms have become another main way that people communicate and build relationships with one another. And like any source of connection and communication, chat rooms has both pros and cons.

There is no denying that chat rooms are a good way to meet people. You simply log in, enter a chat room and begin having conversations with other people in that are logged in. You can initiate conversations with people or they can initiate conversations with you. Sounds harmless, right?

Chat rooms can also be good to connect with people with whom you have things in common. Chat rooms are created for people with certain hobbies, beliefs or lifestyles. People whoever love to cook can certainly find chat rooms for others whoever love to cook and teens whoever love to skateboard can use chat rooms to find other skateboarders.

Chat rooms have their dangers. Because all you need to do in entering chat rooms is sign in, think about all of the people whoever can make up identities that are not their own. A ten year old boy can sign into chat rooms as a thirty year old mother of three. Or, worse yet, a sixty year old man can pretend to be twenty five and in search of the perfect girl. So while it is fine to enter chat rooms if all you are looking for is fun, do not let yourself get hopeful about meeting a new best friend or the wife of your dreams each time you sign into chat rooms.

Parents needs to be especially watchful about their children’s habits on the internet. Monitor them carefully to see that they are not entering chat rooms that are inappropriate for their age and interests. Children are smarter than you think and more able to find their way to what they want online. Many parents would be shocked to learn the things their children see and learn on websites and in chat rooms.

So yes, chat rooms can be fun and harmless, but they can just as easily become dangerous and addictive. Know yourself and know your family members well before giving yourself or anyone else the freedoms to search the web and spend time in chat rooms.