How To Decorate

When you go about decorating your house, you’ll have many different things to consider. It can be hard to add enough accessories to fill up your walls and surfaces to make them seem less desolate. Once option is to buy art to hang on your walls. The right painting would be a tasteful addition to your wall, giving you artistic value as well as decorative value. Most people don’t know the first thing about buying art. If that is true of you as well, then read on as I go over some basics of purchasing art.

Some people have certain “favorite” artistic works that they have always admired or enjoyed. In this situation, it would be a good idea to look for a replica. You can get an exact photocopy of the original, or you can even find a hand-painted copy with the personal touch of another artist. As long as you know the title of the painting, you can search online at auction sites, or for art dealers who have copies that you can buy. Buying art on the web is relatively cheap, as long as you don’t have them ship a frame. A frame increases postage greatly.

If you buy copies of famous art, you are supporting businesses that do nothing but copy art. For many people, this is unacceptable. If you’d like to support some real artists, you should purchase original paintings. You can go to art shows, galleries, festivals, or many other places to find paintings. There are many festivals that invite hundreds of amateur artists who show off their paintings that are for sale. You should not attend with your mind set on getting a painting. Instead, you should walk around at your own leisure and enjoy all of the art. If you view something that really strikes you and is in your price range, then buy it. But don’t be afraid to go home empty-handed.

Buying art is fairly easy to do, and once you get started you may find that it is hard to quit. When you hang a beautiful painting on your wall, it adds so much to the room. It gives your house another level of aesthetic value. So even if you’ve never been interested in art before, you should start to look at some of the options that are available to you. Attend art festivals, talk to painters, and visit galleries. You’ll find that along with the pieces you purchase, you’re also getting involved in a vibrant and interesting lifestyle with lots of cool people!

Cool Rooms

Happen to be looking for new ideas to decorate your kid’s room? Give the room some longevity by choosing background elements that are long lasting. Then use accessories, bedding, and inexpensive area rugs to create easily changeable themes. Unlike the other rooms in your home, which mostly reflect your personality, decorating kids rooms requires a slightly different approach.

Whether you’re a first-time parent or a veteran, decorating kid’s rooms is not child’s play. It’s a quite complex process where an adult has to incorporate all the safety features and blend them with childlike fantasy.

The room should be an expression of the child’s identity, not yours. But children change, so you need to think ahead: will the design be easy to modify in five years, or even two? Is there room for storage, study, animal or doll collections, or a wrestling match?

First, consult with the child. Be certain to consider the child’s likes and dislikes when decorating their space. Decorating kids rooms is a work in progress – the planning begins before they are even born and goes on throughout their childhood.

You can be as creative and over the top as your child lets you; Vibrant and playful colors work well in any child’s room. Always paint children’s bedrooms with a semi-gloss, so the walls are easy to wipe without being too shiny. As for storage, check out your local do-it-your-self center for a host of affordable solutions.

As children grow, learn, play, and explore, their environment should respond. Kids will enjoy the exciting makeovers because they highlight their most adored interests at every age. As your child gets older, ask for their input.

Paint Prices

We are often asked how to paint an existing laminate countertop, and if it is even possible. Yes, you can paint countertops, but you need to prepare the countertop surface carefully beforehand with special prhymer. Here’s how.

(1) Wash the countertop with some ammonia-based cleaner or some warm ammonia diluted with water. Get it as clean as possible, removing all dirt and grhyme. When the surface is dry, you may wish to put strips of low-tack painter’s tape on any trim around the countertop.

(2) The next step is to prhyme the countertop surface with a bonding prhymer, this will make sure the paint will stick to a non-porous surface. Some good bonding prhymers are XIM 400, Sherwin-Williams PrepRite®, or Zinssers Bin. Follow the prhymer manufacturers instructions; plan on allowing the prhymer to set for about 24 hours before painting. The odor can be strong, so consider opening windows and closing the room off from the rest of the house when using these products.

(3) When the prhymer is dry, it’s time to paint your selected new color paint to the existing laminate countertop. Nothing changes a kitchen’s look quite so much as countertop finishes, so make sure you’ve matched swatches to your existing colors – appliances, walls, flooring and all. If you use your laminate countertops to prepare food directly on, use water based paint; the chemicals in oil based paints may leech into your food, which is not a good thing. Apply two to three thin layers of paint, letting them dry between each coating. If you like, and are feeling creative, you can stencil-paint some patterned borders on your laminate countertops new base paint as well at this point.

(4) The final step is to seal the paint. Three coats of satin or high-gloss non-yellowing polyurethane will give you maximum durability. I prefer water-based sealer; it will not alter the appearance of your paint’s colors when it dries. Allow the sealer to dry 24 hrs. You might have to order take-out dinners for a couple of days, but it will be worth it when you see your fabulous new painted laminate countertops in your kitchen.

Paint Brands

Many artists enjoy decorating dollhouses as much as they do building them. Doll house paint schemes have no limits, and the license to be creative is free. Painted dollhouses give the artist an opportunity to express their own personal tastes and styles. Here are several suggestions to keep in mind when you are trying to plan and design the colors for you doll house paint scheme.

Remember, the interior and exterior colors should complement each other. Being able to see the interior and the exterior at the same time is one feature that makes dollhouses unique. You would not want one to take away from the other because the paint schemes clash. The paint chips at your local paint store will generally show innovative and creative complementary color schemes. Use these for ideas. Additionally, many tools online will help you choose complimentary colors. You may be surprised to see the broad range of creative possibilities that are available to you.

If you are trying to re-create a historical building, then you will need to make sure that the doll house paint that you select is realistic. Do a little research to find out what colors may have been popular on period pieces. For exact replicas, you may want to head to the library to see if you can find photos or painting of the building that you are replicating. Either way, painted dollhouses are a great way to re-create the past. Not only are they fun to build, but they can be great teaching tools in an educational setting.

If you are creating an original structure, then feel free to be creative in choosing the doll house paint that you want to use. Don’t be afraid to express yourself. Original pieces provide a template for you to utilize your full creative ability. Use whatever scheme you think looks good. Remember, painted dollhouses say as much about the creator as they do about the art form.

Giving away painted dollhouses as a gift requires a little consideration when creating the color scheme. Ask yourself several questions when you are trying to decide which colors of doll house paint to use. Where will the dollhouse live? Will it be a nice addition to that room? Will it stick out like a sore thumb? How will the dollhouse be used? You will want to be careful about the kind of doll house paint that you are using if you think the doll house will be played with. Durability becomes an important feature. If the house is strictly going to be a showpiece, then you can feel free to use more delicate colors and finishes without worrying about the paint scheme showing wear.

Cheap Paint

Water color is one of the type of painting The only fundamental requirements for most juried shows are that the painting be done on paper, left unvarnished, and that the predominant medium be watercolor. Basically, almost anything goes when it comes to watercolor painting these days.
Watercolor painting book guides you step by step. If the artist wants to use collage elements, stamps, sand, plant material, fabric or other materials, this is permissible. Of course, basic aesthetic principles still apply. A poorly composed painting is not improved by adding mixed media elements, and poor color choices are still obvious and unappealing. There is no substitute for good technique!
However, there’s a lot more freedom these days for watercolor painter’s freedom to express themselves without getting bogged down with rules that may inhibit creativity.
Watercolor painting artists who create works in the various media encompassed by this broad classification. In this space, you can view works in acrylic, gouache, transparent watercolor, tempera, and various other water based paint. Information is presented which is designed to enlighten and aid the aqua media artist.

Watercolor painting book has got all the detailed information regarding all the technical points by step by step which will guide beginners as well as professional painters. Most of professional painters refer to watercolor painting book to improve and to be more creative in their work. You can also refer online sites to get more detailed information and even you can buy online hope this watercolor painting book techniques will helped. Happy Painting!

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How To Decorate

The bedroom is one of the most important rooks in the home and is associated with rest, relaxation, and comfort. One needs to be sufficiently rested to perform well during the day.
According to the laws of Feng Shui, If the main door of a home is directly opposite the bedroom door, the occupant of that room will face legal problems. Position a small decoration or a piece of furniture to interrupt the line of passage.

If you have bunk beds in a bedroom they should follow these Feng Shui Rules.
One’s head should not touch the ceiling or this could result in ill health. The top of the mattress on the bottom bunk should also be at least 16 inches off the ground.

It is not favorable to keep a clock immediately behind or directly in front of a sleeper. Clocks should be placed on either side of the bed. If you have your clock on the headboard it should be placed on a stand beside the bed or on the floor.

A light bulb directly above the head of the bed will turn the sleeper in to a nervous wreck. If hung above the centre of the bed, it will cause stomach disorders. The light should be placed to the side of the bed.
The dressing table should not be placed at the foot of a bed as it adversely affects health. Move the dressing table to any other position.

You can draw on the strengths of the elements by choosing a headboard that corresponds to your element as shown in the paragraphs below.
Square or rectangular shaped headboards are for people whoever represent wood and earth elements. It is also good for professionals, as it encourages stability and offers support.

Oval or wavy-shaped headboards are ideal for people whoever belong to the element water and also for artists, musicians and designers.

Angular headboards or those with spiked points, these are not recommended for anyone. It relates to the element fire. It prevents people from getting a good night’s sleep.

Bathroom Design

This bathroom planning guide aims at providing you with bathroom design ideas useful in planning a bath space, dressing area or cloakroom. You may be planning a revamp of your old bathroom or doing it from scratch, these are any basic points you may like to ponder upon. Let’s start with the basic questions,

i) What is the area of the bathroom?

ii) Who will use it? Children, guests, you, two people or the whole family?

iii) What are the fixtures you would like to install?

(Shower cubicle, jets, tub, vanity etc)

iv) Which parts of the bathroom you plan to revamp?

v) Is the lighting appropriate?

vi) What bathroom furniture you would like to buy?

vii) Does it require plumbing work?

Start with first things first. Measure up the bathroom area and make a rough sketch with the fixtures you have, you wish to change, and even fix in case it is a new bathroom. This will help you estimate the exact area you have around to play with. Next thing should fall in place with a realistic budget. Even if you are thinking of redoing the plumbing job, estimate the costs, for it might be expensive. Also with the budgets and fixtures you need in hand, it would be easy to dwell on ideas and new fittings. It could be a vanity, shower enclosure or a new tub; make sure you think of the space. It is important to move around too, and you don’t need to clutter your bathroom.

Modular bathrooms done in tiny space are in vogue. There are more people looking for smaller bathrooms fitted with modern amenities. Also with meticulous and creative thinking, you should be able to fit in the things you desire, say a shower cubicle, for instance.

You get corner shower cubicles that save space and if there’s space constraint, you could always use a separate overhead shower cubicle and use curtains to keep away the water splashing.

Tubs come in different shapes too and save your bathroom precious space. Get a deeper bathtub that saves space around the foot-end or baths where you sit straight, saving on the length. For bigger bathrooms, when you have good space on hand, you can play with the space with fewer constraints. Estimate the space, the gadgets and fixtures you plan to add. The saunas, shower cubicles and tubs are all possible, just work on it in a way that helps the space look open. Just let your creativity speak in your planning and design!

Bathroom fittings

To avoid any ghastly sites in the bathroom, you may need to pay attention to bathroom fittings. Detailed work and fittings like faucets and sinks can matter in fashioning your desired space,

• Faucets

Modern bathroom Faucet may sound like the simplest thing to choose, but pay attention to details like mounting (wall/sink) and material. If you already have a faucet, maybe you plan to change the mounting, which can cost much more as it may also requires plumbing work.

• Toilet Seats

Toilet seats come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on the available space, you can round up from a choice of elongated, rounded or corner seats. The elongated seat is great for comfort, but pay attention to details and dimensions. You don’t need your hands touching the ground when seated. Also, for smaller bathrooms, you can get one of those corner seats that save space.

• Sinks & Taps

Sinks come in sundry shapes, colors and sizes too. The designer variety includes wall-mounted, counter sinks in steel, glass, ceramic and a combination of accessories and colors to match. Taps are functional things and you would like to consider the water flow and temperature control system before you buy. There are designer taps you get that’s the perfect

combination of style and function.

• Contemporary bathroom furniture

Be it a bathroom or cloakroom, contemporary bathroom vanities deserve great scores on utility and function. Work on the storage room and sink shape and size very closely. You get sinks in all shapes and sizes for both big and small bathrooms and in materials from fancy wood to steel and glass, so find something that goes with your bathroom theme.

Best Paint

HVLP stands for high-volume, low pressure. They are more efficient and cause less over spray than standard spray paint guns. If you do a lot of spray finishing, an HVLP spray paint gun can save you money over the long run because you’ll use less paint. You can use your shop air compressor’s powerful air output to run a spray paint gun. A trigger operated spray paint gun takes paint or finish and mixes it with high pressure air. The paint is atomized and sprayed out in a cone shape to produce a neat and controllable pattern. An experienced painter can produce very nice finishes smoothly and with a professional look. HVLP spray guns are widely used in automotive shops to produce factory quality finishes. Most HVLP spray paint guns allow you to change out nozzles for different types of finishes. Examples are lacquer, stains, paint and varnishes. However, thick latex paints are not advisable. (You can’t use your HVLP spray paint gun to paint the house. ) Most spray guns have a 1 quart cup that attaches below the nozzle and others have a top mounted cup. These are referred to as gravity feed spray paint guns. HVLP spray paint guns require large amounts of air to operate for continuous spraying. The paint gun manufacturer should tell you in the specs how much air is required to operate their gun.

One important thing to be aware of is that HVLP sprayers cause lots of over spray and will make a mess. It is very important to wear paint coveralls, breathing protection and eye protection. Also, masking and wheel covers are important to protect the car you are painting. HVLP spray paint guns are not precision instruments. It is more like a shot gun approach to painting. They are very good at applying a professional finish but they also blow paint everywhere. Body protection is very important when using HVLP sprayers. You can get away with minimal protection when painting a room in your house, but with these tools you need to make sure your whole body is well covered before you begin spraying. Because they out so much and in such fine mist, breathing protection is absolutely mandatory. Tiny droplets of paint will be suspended in the air and you’ll inhale them without a respirator mask on.

Cool Rooms

Outdoor rooms are all the fashion in areas where the climate can support the use of them. Florida is a great example of such an area. With an unrivaled climate and number of sunny days per year the outdoors is a perfect location to provide a functional room that will add thousands in value to your home. Plus it can take advantage of available space while creating a beautiful and useful room that is not hindered by walls and conventional restrictions.

There are some guidelines that you should follow while planning an outdoor room. You should set out the amount of space needed beforehand and make sure that you make contingency plans for any needs that may crop up along the way. The usual choice for an outdoor room is an additional kitchen/dining area. As kitchens are the most social room in a home, it makes good sense that this should be the outdoor gathering spot. Be sure to allow enough space for all the necessary amenities like a grill, sink, counter, and seating. Another thing that must be considered is the effects of the weather and nature. If the area is under direct sunlight all day long then a gazebo or pagoda will be necessary for the area to be comfortable. Also, netting might be a good idea if the area has a tendency to be frequented by insects.

There are many ways that you can personalize this type of space. The decoration of such an area will be quite different from traditional decorating due to the lack of walls and other normal “art spots. ” However, the effect can be easily achieved by the use of plants, creative seating and knick-knacks and decorations on the flat surfaces. Also take into account the effects of lighting for the evenings and try to create a special aura for the area. As an area where much of the year is spent outdoors, Florida homes are the idea location for these rooms. The addition of one will surely see a great ROI when them home sells.

How To Decorate

There are many ornamental touches to add to your deck railing including box deck flower railing. The railing system on your deck provides that finished look. Because a deck is commonly an oasis from your everyday life, it is important to add little touches that make you happy with the space. Creating planters on your deck can create a private garden that you can enjoy as you take in the view from your beautiful deck.

A box deck flower railing may be constructed out of many different materials. One type of material that may be used in this construction is PVC. PVC or vinyl constructions are an excellent choice for a number of reasons. There are no sharp points when the box deck flower railing is fastened appropriately because the material doesn’t splinter. That means as you’re gardening, there are few ways to cut yourself on the flower box. Moreover, PVC is an enduring material, and it doesn’t heat up like other materials, so if you touch it on a hot day, as you probably will with gardening devices, you’re unlikely to burn your hand. Also, the material is ultraviolet light resistant, so it won’t fade as time goes by. It is waterproof and essentially maintenance free. PVC is an excellent choice for a box deck flower railing.

Another excellent material for construction of a box deck flower railing is wood. Wood offers a phenomenal classic look. You can use various types of woods to create different looks. Cedar offers natural preservatives that make it resistant to decay and insects. Even when exposed to extensive moisture, as it would be in a gardening situation, it holds up better than most wood choices. Composite woods are also a good choice. These offer the beauty of wood without the maintenance problems. Because of their nature, the products are decay, insect, light, and water resistant. Additionally, this type of material won’t splinter. It makes a great box deck flower railing.

Whether you live in a large home overlooking a huge estate or a small two story apartment building, a box deck flower railing may be an excellent choice for adding that touch of beauty to your deck.